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MSVCRT20.DLL File Download

Windows 2000 Server x32 Service Pack4
Before you donwload the file, please confirm the Operating System is: Windows 2000 Server x32 Service Pack4, as image below:
(Method: Click "My Computer" on the desktop-> "Properties" to view the operating system version)
FileVersion File Md5 File Size File Bit 2.12.000 0cdf4d609177fa1a0217ec2405455354 248 K 32 bit
    Note: Download and extracting File. Paste the final original MSVCRT20.DLL into the path as following. And then reboot your computer.
  • • C:\WINNT\system32\dllcache\
  • • C:\WINNT\system32\
Hello, everyone. Since the website was created, it has been affirmed by many people. Thank you for your trust and support for pconlife.com. For a long time, the webmaster has also helped many people successfully solve various problems.Many people often write to ask me, why after downloading and overwriting the file, the error still exists ? I want to say, you have to understand one thing, that is, if your system is normal, the hard disk is not damaged, the file will not miss for no reason.
Many computer users sent us feedbacks that they encountered some weird problems. For example:
1. The system shows up "the file is running, it can not be overwriten..."
2. The overwriten file could be edited or destroyed after a while or restarting OS.
3. What's more, even though the file was overwriten, the problem was still there. These were weird.
Generally speaking, under the premise that the operating system is normal, you only need to download the corresponding file to replace it, and the software can run normally. However, sometimes after download the corresponding files, the software still cannot be used normally, and it is nothing more than the following reasons:
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The system has always been running normally, but one day, some software or drivers suddenly become unavailable, or the system is unstable, and some error prompts often pop up. It may be that the system is infected with a certain virus, and this type of virus does not aim to destroy the system, but to steal personal information, so the system can still operate. However, the virus needs to start with the system, so the virus will inject itself into the core process of the system, which will lead to the instability of the system, causing some inexplicable problems. You can upgrade the virus database of your anti-virus software to the latest and check the system. If you really can't find out anything, you can try to use this Anti-virus Software , which is currently the anti-virus software with relatively strong anti-virus capabilities, it has a good ability to block the current popular ransomware.
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After downloading, you didn't have file extract tool or it is error messages showingon in your system. It is recommended to use "7.ZIP" to extract file. (7.zip is a free Open source program http://www.7-zip.org/ )

Download 7-Zip 15.09 (2015-10-16) for Windows:  32-bit x86  64-bit x64

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Normal Questions and Solutions:
Q: Why the downloaded file is ZIP form? How can I use this file?

1 Considering the safety, lots of browsers stop downloading the EXE and executable file DLL. Meanwhile, some executable file is so big. And it will take you lots of internet resources as you are downloading the file. So, to fix the problem, we supply the files download with ZIP form in our site.

2 After you finish downloading, you will get a ZIP file. Extracting the file, you will get the original file that you need for your Windows system. There are so many Unzip tools for you to extract the file. If you download have one, you could "Click here" to download the free Extract file tool.
Q: I have already overwriten the target system file with original file. But after a while or rebooting my OS, the file was changed again or destroyed. What was going on?

In this case, it is obiviously shown that your system is infected by virus or is controlled by malware software. Thus, at the beginning, you need to delete the virus or malware software completely. And then, you could overwrite the target file with original system file. If you have not installed antivirus yet, you could select one of the famous antivirus programs.

Q: The system shows up "the file is running, it can not be overwriten". What can I do?

Please restart your system, and go into the Safe Mode of Windows. And try to overwrite it again. And the job can be easily done.

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