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SpyHunter + RegCurePro, the powerful combination prevents your system from being infected, cleans system junk and makes the system run more smoothly

 February 28, 2016
SpyHunter + RegCurePro, the powerful combination prevents your system from being infected, cleans system junk and makes the system run more smoothly.

How to make the operating system run well and fast? To achieve this, follow the three tips below:

1. The operating system is not attacked by viruses.
2. The operating system is not invaded by hidden adware or spyware which is secretly running.
3. The operating system does not contain a lot of leftover junk files and file fragments which must be timely cleared up.

As for the first and second tips about how to protect your computer from virus infection, and how to clean up hidden adware or spyware, I will not repeat the details here, and if you are interested please view this article (Personal Experience and Reviews on Using SpyHunter).

Here, another problem I want to talk about is how to maintain the computer and make the system run more smoothly.

Many of my friends write emails to ask me, their operating system is not infected with a virus, and the corresponding file has been download on pconlife.com, but some strange error message box still often pops up; then why this happen?

Many reasons can cause the problem, while the most common reason is: some related registry information is missing or damaged.

In fact, as long as the corresponding registry information is repaired, the problem will be able to solve. However, the registry information with respect to most users, is relatively difficult to understand, so generally only the computer professionals can repair it. If you do not know how to repair it manually, you can try to use some registry repair software.There are lots of registry repair software available in the market, and the one worthy of recommendation is: RegCurePro

This is a powerful registry repair software, and in operation, it is very easy to use that you basically do not need to know the registry expertise. You simply press a scan button, and then it will automatically scan the registry errors information. After the scan is complete, you only need to click on the "Repair" button on the software, and all registry errors will be fixed.

In addition, RegCurePro also provides another function: Registry spam cleanup

The combination of all these features, will make your system run more smoothly.


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 [2018-05-13]  PD Weyers  Message
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Reply: Load failure indicates the lack of this file, which should be caused by your artificial destruction of the program. It is possible to re-copy a project via WinCC's Project Replicator. The project copied by the Project Replicator is just missing the log file compared to the previous project. The others are the same. In contrast, the copied project is more suitable as a backup program because of the smaller file size.
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