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How to Add Classic Windows 98 Screen Saver to Windows 7/8/10

 November 25, 2017
Do you remember the Windows 98 operating system?

Windows 98 can be described as memories of an entire generation. If you once again come into contact with Windows 98, does it remind you a lot of things in the earlier years suddenly?

Well, reinstalling the Windows 98 system on your computer is not a realistic thing, but we can add some pretty and classic screen saver inside it to the current operating system. It is feasible!

Have to say, some screen saver of Windows 98 is really beautiful and classic, so I think it is necessary to share this wonderful thing to more people!

After testing, these screen saver files can be run on a Windows 7/8/10 system.

Let us appreciate the classic pictures below:

3D water pipe: This screensaver is my favorite one. When you want to relax, or when you are alone, play songs, watching these pipes in constant change, it will make your irritable heart slowly quiet down.

Invert lines: The beautiful lines make up the geometry that keeps spinning.

Transfiguration: Does these beautiful spheres look like cell division?

3D text: This screensaver can personalize text, which is quite fun. For example, you can set some strange text.

Maze: This is the most classic screensaver that can never stop! In the perception of the first point of view, wandering around the magic, feeling everywhere is an exit (however, no!), you can't wait for yourself to go into the circle. It is the king of screensavers surely!

There are other screen savers which may not so gorgeous, but it really take you back to the age of the DOS operating system. It is indeed a good memory!

Baseball game: When this screensaver appeared, most sports enthusiasts complained: "Oh, so you just want to tell me how a baseball looks like, right?" The screensaver helped me learn that: in addition to tennis, there are other ball games in the world.

Flying Windows flag: Although it is classic, but, classic does not mean good looking! For example, this dancing Windows banner with a twisted gesture in the air, looks very strange (as generally the dynamic effects of flying really do not look good...), but it can give me back memories of a young man.

Forest world: There is a quiet deciduous forest on the screen; a few caterpillars leisurely climb... This must have scared many friends for the first time. Completely do not understand what Microsoft is thinking. Maybe it is to tell programmers: there are many bugs! Do not take it lightly!

Somehow: If the last one shows Microsoft's bad taste, then there is really no idea how to explain this one. A man in gray sat on the green couch, tilted his legs reading a book, next to a clock; the upper left corner has a more inexplicable phone.

Flying Windows logo: This is another flying logo. I would like to say in order to deepen the impression of the users, Microsoft has tried all its best - one is not enough, but the entire screen...

Circuit board: The circuit board is drifting randomly... Although it is not clear what the point is, at least it let me know what the circuit board is, which is also useful.

Building blocks: This is one of the screen savers with exceptional magic. You can stare at it for a while, learning some knowledge related to space drawing. That is great.

Rainforest: Random animals and plants look very interesting (but I cannot call even a name).

Whirlpool: This is too damn and makes me scared. Maybe its only meaning is to tell me that the screen is actually not broken...

Sea World: a screensaver filled with great harmony of life. Watching a variety of marine life spitting bubbles, the question came: why the sea is black...

Astronaut: Does Microsoft want to explain to everyone, science and technology can change life, and we can play in outer space in the future? If there is a chance, I really want to go there.

Flying over the stars: A vast sky is shown to us. This is one of the most dazzling screensavers. You may feel dizzy after looking at it for a long time.

Haunted house: Wow, this is my childhood nightmare! With suddenly blinking lights, flying bats, as well as the appearance of the moon from time to time, it is simply scary. This is the reason I put the screensaver last.

Well, if you want to add these screen savers to your own operating system, follow the steps below.

Installation method:

First, click here to download these screensaver files. This is a zip format zip file, and after unzipping the file, you can get the following files: (Tip: If you use IE browser to download these files directly, and it prompts that the file is damaged, then please use Chrome or Firefox browser to download. You can also use other download tools to download the files.)

If you have a Windows 10 system, follow the installation method:

In Win10 system, unzip all SCR files and DLL files to C:\Windows\, right click on any SCR file, and in the pop-up menu, click "Install" to install and use.

After installation, you can use it:

If you have a Windows 7/8 system, the installation method will be more simple:

Copy all the files in the folder to C:\Windows\system32 so that you can use it.

I hope you all like it.

Click here to download these screensaver files


If you have any further questions or need help, please leave us a message:
 [2022-12-12]  Serjio  Message
Super! nostalge!
Reply: These are all very classic screen savers that can be used on many operating systems.
 [2022-02-28]  Wendi  Message
Screensavers existed so the CRT monitors wouldn't get burn in from being left on for prolonged periods of time. I think the whirlpool screensaver was to eliminate pixels still 'stuck' on the screen in which the other screensavers might not have been able to.
Reply: Yes, screensavers are designed to do just that. But don't worry about this problem now, because many LCD monitors can work well for a long time, and the current screen protection is mostly for people to enjoy beautiful pictures when they are resting.
 [2021-11-02]  mohammed  Message
wow ! i really remembered
 [2020-12-31]  zahid  Message
Hi where can I find the download from Space - Win 98 Screensaver Thanks
Reply: This is a very classic screen saver, so I think it is necessary to share these good things with everyone.
 [2020-03-15]  Nick LKS  Message
Hello i installed the package but i cant find underwater screesaver! How can i install it?
Reply: I have already put this screen saver into the compressed package. You will find it after looking closely. In addition, after testing, there are some screen savers that are not suitable for running under Windows 10.
 [2018-10-16]  Shudhanshu Mishra  Message
Really! nice. Microsoft should work on it's screensavers and themes and wallpapers also. it gives windows a look which others don't have.

Nice work by you.
Reply: My computer is also using these screensavers, and I feel that they are very classic and nice. I hope you like it. Wish you a happy life.
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