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pconlife.com is a website aimed at recovering the dll file or exe file lost by Windows OS for computer users. if your Windows OS lost some dll file or exe file, you can download these files through pconlife.com, and place the filesin the original folder. Then you can solve the problems arisen due to the missing or corruption of the original files.

Enter the file name, and select the appropriate operating system to find the files you need:

There may be many causes for the failure of some file of Windows OS, but most of the causes are as follows:

  • Abnormal shutdown of the system results in missing or corruption of the file
  • The file is accidentally deleted or replaced by some software, or the original file is modified
  • The file ismodified or destructed by viruses maliciously
Generally, if your operating system can run normally, and you can enter the operating system successfully, we suggest you do not reinstall the system, because it's too cumbersome and time consuming to reinstall system. You can first try to download normal file and place it back into the original folder, and the corresponding problems will be solved accordingly.

If your operating system is attacked by virus, for the first step, you should download some certain anti-virus software, and let the anti-virus software check the files of all hard disks in order to remove all viruses, and then you should download the normal files and placethem back in the original folder.

User Help
 2019-06-15 woody Message All Windows OS
Files I download are all corrupted or zero bytes. Tried a couple downloads for choice.exe for Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and Windows 7 Professional 32bit.
Woody  View>>>
Reply: We checked that the website is normal. I tried to download the two files you mentioned, and both of them can be downloaded normally. Please check if your network is normal. In addition, it is recommended that you use Chrome or Firefox to download.
 2019-05-03 Gordon Moore Help Windows 7
My operating system is Windows 7 Sp 1. I have a program that requires the daxctle.ocx file but it isn't there. The file isn't corrupted just never installed. What down load do I need to install this file. The computer that needs the file is not connected to the internet.  View>>>
Reply: OCX files cannot be run directly like EXE files. They need to be registered with the operating system before they can be used. If you confirm that your daxctle.ocx file is complete, you can register the file like this:

1. If your Windows 7 is 32-bit, copy the file to c:\windows\system32\; if your Windows 7 is 64-bit, copy the file to c:\windows\SysWOW64
2. Go to “Start” and click “Run”.
3. In the box that appears, type: "regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\daxctle.ocx" or "regsvr32 c:\windows\SysWOW64\daxctle.ocx"
4. After clicking Confirm, wait for the reminder for registration success.
 2019-04-25 Respected Sir/Madam Message All Windows OS
I Am Varadharajan k living in India.
Form year while browsing online, I reached your website. I have found tons of tons of rare useful files are stored on your sever.

I also downloaded many files from your website. All files are free from malware, viruses, Trojans etc.

Your website are reaching of millions off users.
Giving wonderful services to all the

Hats to your website , You , website administrator and analysts for keeping the site cleanly.

Its very important, your site does not contains any advertisements.

I wish this website should grow further beyond our expectations.

Thanking you.  View>>>
Reply: Thank you :)
 2019-04-06 Rhyan Message Windows 10
thanks a lot Sir.
maybe some one can help me. somebody huck my Laptop and now I have malicious in my Registry and powershell. and I cant enter my account key  View>>>
Reply: There is a method that is the most effective way to kill viruses. Although the process is a bit cumbersome, this is a way to completely remove the virus.

Find a screwdriver to remove the hard drive of the laptop, and connect it to a computer with anti-virus software. Then boot the computer and use the anti-virus software to detect the virus on the laptop hard drive.

Methods to find your system password: Find the following file under the \windows\system32 folder on your laptop's hard drive.

1. Change the owner of Magnify.exe and cmd.exe to: administrators
2. Change the permissions of Magnify.exe and cmd.exe to "Full control"
3. Change Magnify.exe to Magnify.exe1 and rename cmd.exe to Magnify.exe
 2019-03-30 Jaime Urbina Help Windows 7
He instalado Office 2003 para modificar un mdb, el sistema me pide en Windows/System32, el archivo sucatreg.exe, al intentar descargarlo me pide que elija el sistema operativo, pero sólo aparece Windows 98, yo lo requiero para Windows 7.  View>>>
Reply: We found another version of SUCATREG.EXE file, with the file MD5 value: 51641fc08ae01d5634617021fc3520d7. It is 32-bit, and the file size is 76K. I don't know if it is the file you need. You only need to search through the top search box: SUCATREG. EXE, and you may find it.
 2019-03-29 Shafqat Ajmal Help Windows Server 2012
Hi ihave high CPU due to InstallAgent(32bit).exe plz help me to resolve it ASAP.
My Operating sytem Windows Server 2012 R2 Stander 64 bit.  View>>>
Reply: There are many reasons for the high CPU usage. I don't think it is caused by the InstallAgent.exe file. It is very likely that InstallAgent.exe was infected by the virus with malicious code, causing the InstallAgent.exe to occupy high CPU resources when it is running. Hence, I suggest you clean up the computer virus completely, and then download this file to overwrite the old file.
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