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BitTorrent Inc.
BitTorrent, Inc.
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stable34 stable


This file can be used in the following paths:
  • • c:\max\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\documents and settings\administrator\application data\utorrent\
  • • c:\
  • • d:\documents and settings\azad\application data\utorrent\
  • • c:\stan\downloads\utorrentportable\app\utorrent\
  • • c:\amosa\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\downloads\
  • • c:\new folder\
  • • c:\dell\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\jalaram\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\program files (x86)\utorrent\
  • • c:\tmp\
  • • c:\mv\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\documents and settings\ppp\pulpit\
  • • c:\movie server\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\emilio\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\shahab\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\programs\
  • • c:\makhdoom ali hamxa\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\mypc\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\files\utorrent\
  • • c:\program files\utorrent\
  • • c:\kavin\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\michaellapuente\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\stefanu\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\pc\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\ezone\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\adm\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\janó\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\sandy\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\hp\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\user\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\c\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\documents and settings\편도현\application data\torrenser\
  • • c:\documents and settings\편도현\바탕 화면\torrenser+updated+\
  • • c:\chico\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\documents and settings\admin\application data\utorrent\
  • • c:\pap\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\aziz\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\acer\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\ismail\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\engineer_amr\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\maxi\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\priya-arun\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\sonu\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\documents and settings\shyamal\application data\utorrent\
  • • c:\mourad\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\limbatech\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\lorenzo\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\stef info\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\админ\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\liberkey\apps\utorrent\app\utorrent\
  • • c:\it1.grandhotel\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\taman\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\bekimblake\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\sandeep\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\amit\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\lincoln\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • e:\vendég\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\program files (x86)\tc up\plugins\media\utorrent\
  • • c:\jaime\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\intel\invisable app torrent\
  • • e:\program files\utorrent\
  • • c:\user\downloads\programs\
  • • c:\documents and settings\administrador\escritorio\elementos del cod balck ops 2 tutos.gamer\programas\
  • • c:\sayan\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\mmgraphic\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\rizza\downloaders\
  • • c:\er. vijay ravi\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\windows 7\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\serhat\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\rafa1\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\yul\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\abbas khan\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\jennu\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\fortis\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\oprea\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\papaji\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\spk\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\documents and settings\north star\bureau\utorrent pro portable\
  • • c:\dell gabrielli\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\muhammad abrar ashiq\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\satyam-pc\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\jeffery\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\tarek.elganainy\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\nitiwat\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • • c:\client\downloads\
  • • c:\miguel\appdata\roaming\utorrent\
  • The above paths are the common paths where this file is located, but does not mean that it must be stored in the above paths. The file should be stored in the actual installation path of the software.
    Tip: If you cannot find the software installation path, you can follow the path suggested above, find one by one, and put the file inside the path found.
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  • 2.  If your original file is just corrupted but not lost, then please check the version number of your files. (Method: Click your original file, and then click on the right key to select "Properties" from the pop-up menu, you can see the version number of the files)
  • 3.  If your operating system is 32-bit, you must download 32-bit files, because 64-bit programs are unable to run in the 32-bit operating system.
  • 4.  There is a special case that, the operating system is a 64-bit system, but you are not sure whether the program is 32-bit or 64-bit. If you encounter this situation, check the file path to see whether there are any other files located in. If yes, please check the properties of these files, and you will know if the file you need is 32-bit or 64-bit.
  • If you still can't find the file you need, you can leave a "message" on the webpage.
  • Download utorrent.exe file:
  • File Version File Md5 File Bit File Size Download
  • ad5487037309d761821b011eeca955c432 bit2 MBDownload this files
  • 60e844ae5920b75399ddbd9f3ae1c7a032 bit1.2 MBDownload this files
  • 7ef4140a4ad51f51be491937650ed30332 bit2.3 MBDownload this files
  • 699eee9c5d4f3c79df7080f63fd9d57932 bit2.3 MBDownload this files
  • 659a6b1cfd9c8e6791e36973be8686e532 bit2.3 MBDownload this files
  • 687f9404128bdeb91cd0c78b2841d4c932 bit1.6 MBDownload this files
  • fcb1f48fd4c2b0932fc43bfc55c387a932 bit2.4 MBDownload this files
  • b657bb057c2cc7b0ec5e7b30fa57372932 bit2 MBDownload this files
  • bb7245420097b251d1271f5b6f0c9f0232 bit783 KDownload this files
  • 2aa1dde4ce26f216347fd9057b61bb5f32 bit2 MBDownload this files
  • 65602f33f2410b2f8bbe3c4cb5d3b00032 bit2 MBDownload this files
  • 22da0ddaf1bf9e0fb5c705319024429b32 bit389 KDownload this files
  • cd73cfc5b47c5b8f197302cd45c541c332 bit2.4 MBDownload this files
  • 5fe59fc57869508e1c84812dbd36ce3b32 bit2.3 MBDownload this files
  • 10b2e1cdcf3151482590016b10310ba732 bit385 KDownload this files
  • 2c1ef6485eeb834187fc69556a64eafe32 bit875 KDownload this files
  • 25260b8aa2f6f1da6885e79703d394cc32 bit2.1 MBDownload this files
  • 9951655e3d60527c19b275048a0e442632 bit1.9 MBDownload this files
  • 7a3df1b6b8e1c7a8c78e549af091b84532 bit2.1 MBDownload this files
  • 9c55b93039b4573cdcd21c4d7bd7e0f632 bit406 KDownload this files
  • f6d14a00a1a27e16c27d3df0323711de32 bit624 KDownload this files
  • afb311776018c6564fe8a25cd5fd78c932 bit2 MBDownload this files
  • bb2fcfa2415d0f08653157d8e998d34232 bit390 KDownload this files
  • 1efb6e92f0986e3e12c53102d155de2e32 bit2.3 MBDownload this files
  • dd417625000a09fd825fcc9ee9a7774032 bit2 MBDownload this files
  • 07b96dbe4770d3b0b1a50d6c5ff15fc332 bit718 KDownload this files
  • 090fa5f64cfb050b8ffaec7f57c3183432 bit314 KDownload this files
  • 9b8bbf96b67046d2cbb39ad220cb267d32 bit386 KDownload this files
  • 353ee8267813cb630d84ff847e094da032 bit2.1 MBDownload this files
  • b7e6141e6ebfa4a89837f488e59c601d32 bit2.1 MBDownload this files
  • 9ff8159ecfbd1272b73953bf6528a07732 bit946 KDownload this files
  • 0cedaadb83a4d929c0fca54b8eb240a032 bit2.1 MBDownload this files
  • b56ce93d73125aeb4872d999d91b734832 bit263 KDownload this files
  • 05750131a8cfd2c7ee3ad88b66150f2632 bit1.9 MBDownload this files
  • a4cf2fe79118576603a012bb14d7645232 bit1.9 MBDownload this files
  • d8fd914ca5547ceaf640e72c7429bf0e32 bit804 KDownload this files
  • 995b078fb86dbeee9e504ef7d0ae57dd32 bit1.9 MBDownload this files
  • c355d12fa264b22ba44fc67323ebe81932 bit1.9 MBDownload this files
  • 8150d92888e57cfbc48119dd32abe7aa32 bit1.6 MBDownload this files
  •  e3013175d75cb6abbb55f61fdfef7f5032 bit173 KDownload this files
  • 2ae7b7c4a5518189d19d6c914ccdb49c32 bit1.8 MBDownload this files
  • 8d706aef2c363c9ef5ac01aafa87674632 bit1.1 MBDownload this files
  • 283c3ff0cde240061959e736b940e66132 bit1.9 MBDownload this files
  • 88fca429e7ef1142db5a69ae509ede5932 bit1.9 MBDownload this files
  • 77353cb2557ea3e53e7e0b94dd627fcf32 bit1.9 MBDownload this files
  • 4cd8dec01be8185f316ed2b8596b5a5f32 bit2.3 MBDownload this files
  • 9d618a6d89a9c5c092bd9dcdd3883f1b32 bit1.9 MBDownload this files
  • 4f5bd8a15a443c513e0561a0d1c99a5932 bit1.9 MBDownload this files
  • 8547aec2bda2ee664472aae24543c43532 bit263 KDownload this files
  • e17e53f297560c31631c4ac549385ae332 bit1.7 MBDownload this files
  • 9f288120de4b7306d82e32ad076704e432 bit2.1 MBDownload this files
  • 1defc9f1660e5798dd2327308f8dfd8732 bit876 KDownload this files
  • 742cad3f724fb350eef8b58fb65c884532 bit1.9 MBDownload this files
  • 409179273c5f70a46d868b6e928d262f32 bit2.1 MBDownload this files
  • 416d160cbbe0e819a2d2dff149bc06e832 bit2 MBDownload this files
  • 59a8ae2eedc1574707c84b88f216526b32 bit1.9 MBDownload this files
  • 36fd49993b635f0f313dbaba11394be032 bit2.2 MBDownload this files
  • 31afabdb5e9560e014b14ea8ec1f363532 bit282 KDownload this files
  • 1ffaf8fe87bc2e433ba9cbb7d9c3697532 bit1.9 MBDownload this files
  • 96c5ef1e29c3cb554716a75e7f509cd232 bit313 KDownload this files
  • 5a836fd41bd78af1036c3f2fcee3074e32 bit874 KDownload this files
  •  ca3f4554910e40a0053626c1bb66c5fe32 bit214 KDownload this files
  • bd5ecc1f028fddb4a618dee0720a543f32 bit1.9 MBDownload this files
  • a7d704b14d238e9a01ffda03a692ef9c32 bit2.8 MBDownload this files
  • eae076c1ecf95619720eb6275cedc0f132 bit946 KDownload this files
  • bbf865b2b40ff6251425916a680fcddc32 bit1.9 MBDownload this files
  • 2ba04999c7116af7a5204bca85d9b5e732 bit1.9 MBDownload this files
  • ce84397598053d7a0f74d95d11f2accd32 bit724 KDownload this files
  • f60fd9267546ece5ff10ba8d945ecd9b32 bit2.1 MBDownload this files
  • 9c9ef4953575736556142cd7a418054532 bit1.9 MBDownload this files
  • 73899b38ee63eae81b00f5f706c41ded32 bit946 KDownload this files
  • 6dcc453d139b2ae2cc46f42ee2a5c75c32 bit456 KDownload this files
  • b7e30b361c47686c671e20f98afa4d9b32 bit1.3 MBDownload this files
  • 2e5d7f08a44d502d3545c4e3b597345a32 bit1.6 MBDownload this files
  • d6dbe48c03082c2ecc9a3363e97b2f7432 bit1.9 MBDownload this files
  • 9066bbddef2af8f3dcea22d222715b7632 bit1.9 MBDownload this files
  • 6f94de0a1527c1429163b1508cdad44232 bit1.9 MBDownload this files
  • 7c18b2ec501d020bef64c6c2c98a16bd32 bit1.9 MBDownload this files
  • ade5de8ffe9c03bfb5fab75a68855b1532 bit1.9 MBDownload this files
  • c52243224127ffbd9aa0d3e41b2c1f1b32 bit1.9 MBDownload this files
  • 735f19c7920712f76e9a09e66fd0687232 bit1.9 MBDownload this files
  • 278fe50c0b55ce411099d648d70653cc32 bit2.1 MBDownload this files
  • 281cb81a552c458f09abe4f3736bedf332 bit1.9 MBDownload this files
  • ca8e94e86c3b1167c85dd4978835a51f32 bit2.1 MBDownload this files
  • 08c2ed1306ce505395e32c11b416378c32 bit2.1 MBDownload this files
  • cabc2db0bb2db3a6c6b1855d15722e2832 bit1.7 MBDownload this files
  • 1b22c36dcb9cda00eb9c130618c7ddd232 bit1.7 MBDownload this files
  • 9f8a7b6fd1c319b41b0c51e727643a9632 bit1.8 MBDownload this files
  • 7049ab327094e9040e4c086db63426e232 bit1.7 MBDownload this files
  • dd09442b00216fc2257fb7147e1643bc32 bit1.9 MBDownload this files
  • d56ea15826cdc3e91b464cc07e91bf6732 bit1.9 MBDownload this files
  • e027c97e63eaf87e86173e870c29a0df32 bit1.8 MBDownload this files
  • 952619d83b085ad576793752fb33391432 bit1.8 MBDownload this files
  • 761926d007a7e79adefb6752b119fde832 bit386 KDownload this files
  • f9d18a28e2c5e56771016fbaef18d14a32 bit2.8 MBDownload this files
  • a94d3e798f46a2054261c468dbc6a44c32 bit1.7 MBDownload this files
  • 829d80849783be4d5297595e0648cb8732 bit1.9 MBDownload this files
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