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About 000.exe :

Since many viruses are named with random numbers, such as 123.exe, 378.exe, etc., and the most famous of which is 000.exe, which leads many people to see the three zero-named files and think they are Viruses. In fact, to determine whether a file is a virus based on the name, this method is incorrect. To define whether a file is a virus file, it depends on whether it damages the system or steals user data.

However, for this kind of specially named files, of course you must be careful, and it is best to use anti-virus software to check it.

For 000.exe virus, the following phenomena may occur:

000.exe is a virus that runs on Windows systems. After the virus runs, it will tamper with desktop files, user account names and unlimited pop-ups.

When the virus is fully executed, it will terminate the process explorer.exe, and will also attempt to delete the contents of the WindowsApps folder, which contains the installed Windows universal applications (Windows 8 and Windows 10). Then it will play a video in full screen and loop the video clip in the background. There is a ghastly path in the video, and the color of the video will keep changing, from orange, green, black and white, to intense black and white.
During the video playback, the virus will disable the task manager, change the user's Windows account name to "UR NEXT", change the default notepad icon to a custom .ico file, and restart the user's computer after completion.

Next, the desktop wallpaper was changed to pure black, and the desktop was full of "UR NEXT" notepad files. The default notepad icon will become a red square with "UR" and "NEXT", and "UR" will be stacked on top of "NEXT". Open a "UR NEXT" file, and the user will see "UR NEXT" that seems to have unlimited lines.

When the system is running, there will be a dialog box containing a "run away" message, followed by a "run away" button. However, a new dialog box with the same message appears every second. Click the run away button to close the dialog.

Solution to 000.exe:

1. Stop unlimited popups

Right-click the start menu and click "Command Prompt (Administrator)" (it must be started with administrator authority, and CMD can be started directly if UAC is closed). After opening the command prompt, enter: taskkill /f /im conhost.exe and press Enter; all pop-up windows can be closed at this time. Open the command prompt again, enter: taskkill /f /im runaway.exe and press Enter (this step ends the virus body)

2. Delete all files created by the virus on the desktop

Open a command prompt (administrator) and enter the following commands in sequence
cd %USERPROFILE%\Desktop (Enter the desktop of the current user)
del UR*.txt (match all txt files starting with UR and delete)
del OPENME*.rtf (match all rtf files at the beginning of OPENME and delete)

3. Change the wallpaper back

Right-click on a blank space on the desktop, "Personalization"-"Background"-"Background", change "Pure Color" to "Wallpaper", and choose a wallpaper you like.

4. Recover the locked task manager

Save the following content as a file in .reg format and open it to unlock the task manager:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System] "DisableTaskMgr"=-

5. Remove the virus startup items

Start the task manager, click "details" to expand the task manager. Switch to the startup tab, you can find the virus startup item rniw.exe. Right-click rniw.exe and click "Open File Location". Delete it when found; click WIN+R to open the Run window, type %temp% and press Enter to open the temporary folder to clean up the virus residue.

6. Repair the damaged default icon of txt text file format

Start the registry editor, locate HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\txtfile\DefaultIcon, modify the default key value to "%SystemRoot%\system32\imageres.dll, -102", and close the registry editor.

7. Change back to the tampered username

Right-click the start menu - Control Panel - "Programs" - Change account type - double-click your own account - change the account name to your favorite name.
This file can be used in the following paths:
  • • d:\天空\recycler\s-1-5-21-682003330-1275210071-725345543-1003\dc89\back\
  • The above paths are the common paths where this file is located, but does not mean that it must be stored in the above paths. The file should be stored in the actual installation path of the software.
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  • File Version File Md5 File Bit File Size Download
  •  3f3a69b0de0261d116206a2088a9011f32 bit439 KDownload this files
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     [2021-01-26]  Entity  Message
    I download and my computer is will just to broken and BSOD but we can fix it and delete it but this virus is so creepy to make your computer crash and the virus 000.exe is turn off the Task manager to cant end task them but thank god because virus 000.exe cant turn off the cmd admin to type it off but we are use the cmd to kill runaway and active the Task manager and we are use the Window 10
    Reply: It is recommended that you install some more powerful anti-virus software, and enter the safe mode, and then remove the virus. If none of these can completely remove the virus, you can install the following methods to do it:

    1. Turn off the computer system, open the main box, and remove all hard drives.
    2. Attach these hard drives to a computer that has anti-virus software installed and no viruses
    3. Then clean up the virus programs on these hard drives

    Although this method is very troublesome, it is indeed the most effective and thorough method.
     [2020-02-11]  iuhp  Message
    it uhh........lets just say my pc is destroyed and i dont like the fact your telling me to run away.
    Reply: My friend, what's wrong with your computer? Can't enter the system? Or have a blue screen? Or are there any other reasons? Would you please say more in detail? If there is a little more picture description, maybe I can help you with some ideas and look forward to your letter.
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