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Windows 98


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Windows 98
Windows 98 x32 SE:
FileVersionFile Md5File SizeFile BitFile Path
-e52b0ea86b35c8c1b39af8a0d974c11476 K32 bitDownload this files and unzip them (How to download?)
please place the unpacked files in the following path:
  • • C:\Windows\SYSTEM\
How to download sucatreg.exe file:

1 Choose your operating system version
2 Click download link and go to the download page of the file.

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Next, please confirm your verion of OS, and select the proper download link.
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 [2019-03-30]  Jaime Urbina  Help  Windows 7
He instalado Office 2003 para modificar un mdb, el sistema me pide en Windows/System32, el archivo sucatreg.exe, al intentar descargarlo me pide que elija el sistema operativo, pero sólo aparece Windows 98, yo lo requiero para Windows 7.
Reply: We found another version of SUCATREG.EXE file, with the file MD5 value: 51641fc08ae01d5634617021fc3520d7. It is 32-bit, and the file size is 76K. I don't know if it is the file you need. You only need to search through the top search box: SUCATREG. EXE, and you may find it.
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