Dear friends, since the launch of 2015, pconlife.com has been adhering to the principle of freely solving more system problems caused by file loss or damage for more people.

In order to store a large number of files, and to provide visitors with faster network download speeds, we had to rent expensive servers. But over the past few years, because the website has no stable income, the money spent on the server every month has always been a headache for us.

We don't know how long this site can last, but as long as we can barely stick to it, we won't give up.

If you are willing to help pconlife.com and donate some fees as a server fee, we would be very grateful to you.

I hope that pconlife.com will serve more people for a longer time.

Donations are free and voluntary. Here are the ways to donate:

If you need help, please contact support@pconlife.com through E-mail
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